Activity Book


Activity Book

The activity book records the experience of teachers and investigators of this field to make the learning easier for students.

The activities have been designed according to the level of knowledge which corresponds to the students at each stage.

  • First cycle of Primary:
    • Day and night: the Earth’s rotation.
    • The duration of day-night cycles (depending on the latitude and year season).
  • Second cycle of Primary
    • The Earth’s rotation: days and nights.
    • The Earth’s orbit.
    • The seasons.
    • The movements of the Moon.
    • Orientation by the stars.
  • Third cycle of Primary
    • Travelling across the Solar System.
    • Astronomic magnitudes.
  • First grade of Secondary
    • Travelling across the Solar System.
    • Days and nights.
    • Seasons.
    • Eclipses.
    • The movements of the Moon.
  • Second grade of Secondary
    • Eclipses.
    • Shadows
  • Fourth grade of Secondary
    • Geocentrism - Heliocentrism.
    • Movements of the planets and satellites.
  • Bachillerato
    • The measuring of time: solar day – sidereal day.
    • The measuring of time: tropical year – sidereal year.


Estructure of an activity

Objectives of the activity: what is the aim of this activity?

Learning objectives: what should the student know after completing this activity?

The achievement of these objectives is directly observable and evaluable.

Contents: a selection of curricular contents that can be practiced by means of this activity.

Development: explanation of the steps proposed for the carrying out of this activity, the process, the tasks…

Questions: a selection of questions that guide the activity. These have the function of achieving the initial motivation of the students, arising interest and promoting the search of the correct answer. They serve as a basis for the activity and they orientate the evaluation. The questions are directly related to the learning objectives.

Data and observations: suggestions or useful information for the progress of the activity.

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